Échographie vétérinaire portable

Discover a new level of convenience and accuracy in animal pregnancy testing with our portable veterinary ultrasound, designed to provide exceptional results for your veterinary practice.

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Choose Your Veterinary Ultrasound

S1 Veterinary Ultrasound

À partir de 1,599 $

S0 Veterinary Ultrasound



Rectal and Convex probe to choose from

Mechanical sector probe

Taille des animaux

Équin, bovin, ovin, porcin, canin, félin (toutes tailles d'animaux)

Ovine, Swine, Canine, Feline (medium animals)

Mode d'imagerie

B, B+B, B/M, M, 4B



Jusqu'à 230mm

Jusqu'à 208mm

La fréquence

Rectal Probe: 5.0MHz - 7.0MHz
Convex Probe: 2.5MHz - 5.0MHz

2.5MHZ,3.0MHZ,3.5MHZ, 5.0MHZ






Frequency:  5.0MHz - 7.0MHz

Application : tests de grossesse pour les grands animaux, tels que les chevaux, les vaches et les chameaux.

Compatible:  S1

Ce qu’en disent nos clients

Great and easy tool for veterinary pregnancy confirmation


Nous avons demandé à un ami de venir, qui est doué en échographie vétérinaire et il a pu mettre la main sur la machine immédiatement. Il était facile et petit à transporter. Le colis était accompagné d'une belle mallette de transport. Je dirais que c'est un investissement équitable pour mes vaches.

Pregnancy tests on horses is simple and direct

Matthieu K.

J'ai acheté ce scanner pour mes élevages équins. Le processus de fonctionnement est simple et direct. Je dirais un investissement raisonnable pour mes équidés. Je mets la vidéo en pièce jointe, vous pouvez voir que la qualité de l'image est assez solide.

Homesteader Must-Have for Your Animals

Allen Michel

While our goats are still not pregnant, we have done multiple scans with the unit and it has performed really well. There are many pre-set settings to be able to scan for a variety of animal types with this unit and it provides both USB and Micro SD card ports for recording and computer connection. The unit allows for you to zoom into the scan a good amount which is helpful for doing your ultrasounds but I do wish the screen got a little brighter than the max setting as the glossy screen does make it a little hard to see live scans when in bright/sunny areas. In addition to the features above - be sure to do some research on the type of wand/probe that will work best for your animals as we just have this unit with the wand and while it works good on our goats (looking for babies) some have mentioned that the convex handscanner may work a bit better and the probe is best for large animals like horse/donkeys/etc. I also recommend watching some videos online about how to read ultrasound -- it's not super easy and you want to know what to look for when scanning.

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